Darth Vader Reportedly Returning In Doctor Aphra TV Series


Easily one of the most popular characters created for Marvel’s Star Wars comics is Doctor Aphra. Something of a gender-flipped, allegiance-switching take on Indiana Jones, Aphra is a criminal archaeologist with a particular taste for hunting down old Jedi relics. She debuted back in 2015’s Darth Vader series before getting her own solo comic, and her success has reportedly ensured that her own TV show is now in the works.

This was first revealed last December, with Making Star Wars’ Jason Ward breaking the news. We Got This Covered has since received similar intel, but we’ve also heard that Darth Vader will appear in Aphra’s show, too, with the big bad sending her to get him information on Luke. At least, that’s according to our sources – the same ones who told us that Rey would be revealed as Palpatine’s [SPOILERS] in The Rise of Skywalker and that Ahsoka will cameo in The Mandalorian, both of which were correct.

The villain’s presence places the Aphra series at an earlier point in the timeline than the aforementioned Mandalorian, then, suggesting the Marvel comics will be a close source of inspiration. At this stage, we don’t know how significant a part Vader will play in the proceedings, so it may be a cameo to get things going or a full-on recurring role. Right now, we can’t say.

In the comics, Vader hired Aphra to help with his schemes, though when their alliance was over he tried to have her killed. Aphra faked her death and then her solo series followed her continuing her illicit activities while trying (and failing) to keep a low profile. Apparently, they’ll be back to having an employee/employer relationship on TV, though.

There’ve been whispers of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Chloe Bennet being eyed to play the character, but we’ve yet to have any further update on the casting. Either way, though, all signs are pointing to Doctor Aphra coming to the screen soon, and she’ll apparently bring Vader with her.