David Bradley Wants To Do More Doctor Who After The Christmas Special


The jaws of Doctor Who fans worldwide hit the floor when David Bradley appeared as the First Doctor in the closing moments of the season 10 finale. After giving an uncanny performance as original actor William Hartnell in the 50th anniversary biopic An Adventure in Space and Time, Whovians were delighted that the former Harry Potter star would be pairing up with Peter Capaldi this Christmas.

If Bradley had his way, though, he would have many more appearances as the First Doctor lined up. When asked if he’d like to return to Doctor Who at a panel during this weekend’s MCM London Comic-Con, Bradley was more than enthusiastic about the idea.

“If they asked me, yes, I’d bite their hand off. I think it would be fun. So far, I’m very happy to have been involved in both [Doctor Who and An Adventure in Space of Time]. It’s quite something, you never expect in your career – something you watched when you were young and never imagined you’d be involved in something so iconic. As I say, it’s a late treat! If someone wanted to do that, I’d be very interested, yeah. Of course.”

No doubt a further return for the First Doctor is something fans could get behind. Past Doctors don’t tend to pop on the show too much, but the fact that Bradley is in it at all proves that anything can happen in the world of Doctor Who. Until he gets the call to comeback to TV though, Bradley’s set to reprise the role in a new boxset of audio dramas available from Big Finish Productions in January.

Even if the BBC don’t come a-knocking again, the actor went to say that he’s very happy with his work so far and cited the experience of filming the special as a “treasure,” even if he hasn’t seen the finished episode yet.

“The Christmas special is something I’ll treasure. I haven’t even seen it yet, so I don’t even know if it works or not. But the trailer looks quite promising I think!”

Doctor Who “Twice Upon a Time” arrives on Christmas Day.