David Harbour Compares Stranger Things Season 4 To Lost

Netflix may have debuted a brand new teaser as part of the platform’s TUDUM event, but it would be an understatement to say that fans have long since grown impatient waiting for Season 4 of Stranger Things, which still doesn’t have an official release date locked in.

The latest run of episodes for our favorite Hawkins residents suffered greatly at the hands of the pandemic, with production only wrapping last month having first started in February 2020. Expectations are going to be through the roof by the time the cultural phenomenon returns to our screens, where it’s in with a great chance of becoming Netflix’s most-watched season of television ever based on the anticipation levels.

A great deal of the narrative will be dedicated to exploring and explaining the whereabouts of David Harbour’s Hopper following his presumed demise in the Season 3 finale, and during a New York Comic-Con panel for Stranger Things, the actor offered up a number of intriguing comparisons when discussing his journey.

“There are these storylines, one of which is me in Russia, which you’ve seen with From Russia With Love. I think I have the best storyline. And then you’ll see a lot more layers about Eleven and Brenner and the institution and what she went through and is going through that relates to this narrative coming back. And then there’s this new Creel House thing, which is this new element of a situation in Hawkins, which of course all relates.

What we’re trying to do, as we elaborate this thing, is to draw it back and make sure that we don’t have an end game like, some of us thought about, that show Lost. ‘What happened to the polar bear?!. We’re trying to draw in, so the elements of the story line starts to come to a head and becomes a complete piece. Season 4 lays a lot of pipe for that.” 

Let’s hope that he’s talking more about the widely acclaimed earlier seasons of Lost than the incredibly polarizing later runs, but Netflix know full well that Stranger Things is arguably the most popular in-house series at the streamer’s disposal, so there’s every reason to remain supremely confident that the creative team will knock it out of the park.