David Tennant Goes Ginger In First Photos For Amazon’s Good Omens

The Tenth Doctor always wanted to be ginger, but now, former Doctor Who star David Tennant has gone red-headed for his latest role. Recently, the long-in-the-tooth adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s beloved novel Good Omens finally got going, with Tennant playing the demon Crowley and Michael Sheen as his unlikely friend the angel, Aziraphale. Together, the pair have to avert the end of the world in this imaginative apocalyptic comedy.

To complete their transformation into citizens of heaven and hell, Tennant and Sheen have both donned new hairstyles. The latter has gone blonde for the show while Tennant is sporting a fetching red ‘do. Check them out in the Tweets below (which also feature Amazon Studios’ head of casting, Donna Rosenstein).

Today was the first readthrough for Good Omens as well, as was revealed by the official Terry Pratchett Twitter account. The account is maintained by Pratchett’s friend and Good Omens producer Rob Wilkins, after the acclaimed fantasy author passed away in 2015.

Neil Gaiman, the book’s co-author and the showrunner of the TV adaptation, also shared an image of the cast gathered together. However, he was careful to blur the photo in order to obscure some of the as-yet-unrevealed faces.

Once he had the all-clear, though, Gaiman let on to who some of those blurred faces were. He revealed that Emerald City’s Adria Arjona will play young witch Anathema Device, Nina Sosanya (Love Actually) is Sister Mary Loquacious, Ned Dennehy (Sherlock Holmes) is the demon Hastur and Ariyon Bakare (The Dark Knight) is Ligur, another demon.

Finally, Michael McKean (Better Call Saul) let slip on his Twitter account that he also had a role in the production as the witchfinder Shadwell.

All in all, Good Omens is looking set to be a promising show that should be very faithful to the original novel. Especially considering that Gaiman made sure to bring the book with him to the read-through.

Good Omens will land on Amazon Prime in 2019.

Source: Indiewire