DC All Access Remembers Adam West, Previews iZombie Season Finale


By now, you’re well aware that the world lost one of the biggest icons the superhero genre has ever produced with the passing of Adam West less than two weeks ago. Sure, he may have been the third actor to portray Batman in live action, but “The Bright Knight” was unarguably the first to put his stamp on the character and turn it into a pop culture phenomenon.

Having played the Caped Crusader across three seasons of television and in a silver screen outing in 1966, West actually continued voicing the timeless hero in various animated series for decades to come. Not only that, but recent years have seen a resurgence made by his iteration of the character, thanks to Fox (the studio that produced the TV series) and Warner Bros. (the company that owns Batman) patching things up. And due to their cutting of red tape, an animated movie (with a sequel on the way) and a line of action figures have since made the world a better place.

Thus, it was only fitting that the stars came out to honor the legend’s memory by lighting a Batsignal in Los Angeles. Among those in attendance were colleagues such as Burt Ward (Robin) and Lee Meriwether (Catwoman), in addition to DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee and legions of fans who were fortunate enough to be there. And, fortunately for those of us who were unable to partake, DC All Access was able to bring the event to us.

Aside from that, today’s episode also looked ahead to next week’s season finale of iZombie. According to lead actress Rose McIver, they’re going to payoff this whole looming threat of a zombie virus outbreak in a big way. Sure, this show is a much different beast than The Walking Dead, but you can’t play with such horrific themes and not take them to their logical conclusion at some point.

So, after paying your respects to Batman and savoring the last vestige of DC TV until the fall, be sure to watch the rest of the video at the top for the latest in publishing news.

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