DC TV Crossover Yields Extended Runtimes As New Promo Debuts


Just because we have only two days to go until the big four-show DC TV crossover arrives, that doesn’t mean the hype train is slowing down in the slightest. With Supergirl set to join forces with heroes culled from all around the Arrowverse, this feels like the biggest thing to happen as far as team-ups go since The Avengers assembled back in 2012.

On that note, yet another new promo has dropped today. While it may lack the girth of the one that was released just days ago, it is quite awe-inspiring nonetheless and does lend itself better to being inserted within commercial breaks. Furthermore, we’re quite amazed as to how so many ads can be released without divulging major spoilers. The motion picture industry should be taking notes.

Another tidbit that’s attracted our interest is the knowledge that each show participating in the crossover will be afforded an extended running time. According to ComicBook.com, they’re as follows:

Supergirl will run an extra 35 seconds on Monday; The Flash will run 50 additional seconds; Arrow will get 40 more seconds; and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will run for an extra 45 seconds.

Upon checking this week’s TV listings myself, I can confirm that each show will run over one minute into the following time slot, so there isn’t much need to adjust your DVR settings. Just know that the extension is likely due to more ad space as opposed to additional content. I’ve seen this happen on various occasions for season finales and the like, so it isn’t anything new in the realm of television.

The “Invasion!” begins this Monday with Supergirl on The CW. Will you be tuning in? Sound off down below and let us know!