The Flash Assembles A League Of His Own In Epic DC TV Crossover Trailer


It’s been a long time coming, but next November will finally see the release of Justice League. However, this November we get to see a plethora of our favorite heroes come together in the DC TV crossover, which kicks off in Supergirl on Monday and continues in The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow throughout the week.

Thanks to The CW, we now have a full-length trailer for the four night event, and it sheds some light on both the plot and some amazing action sequences. In regards to the former, one thing this trailer finally clears up is what The Dominators are after. It sounds like they want to wipe out all metahumans in order to stop them from ever becoming a threat to their planet, and because of their desire to conquer Earth. As you might expect, that’s going to lead to an all-out war.


It’s apparent the network has spent a fair bit of money on this crossover, as the special effects really do look quite great, and all of these characters sharing the screen at once can’t have been easy to organize. When you think back to Arrow‘s premiere in 2012, it’s amazing to now look at what’s become known as the Arrowverse and see just how many DC Comics icons inhabit it.

It really started when The Flash appeared in Arrow and sped into his own series, but Supergirl coming to The CW has obviously also helped this world grow significantly, even if she does live in a different reality 99% of the time.

We expect the network to continue promoting this epic crossover over the next few days, but until they release something new, feast your eyes on the trailer above and get ready for the big event.