The DCEU Will Reportedly Be Referenced In Crisis On Infinite Earths


Worlds will live and worlds will die this fall when the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event shakes the Arrowverse to its core. The CW’s DC TV crossovers have been getting bigger every year but this one is set to be by far the most ambitious yet. As well as all five shows coming together, it was officially revealed at Comic-Con that Brandon Routh will be back as his Supes from Superman Returns, but this time based on the Kingdom Come version.

And it seems that the 2006 movie is not the only piece of DC’s cinematic universe that will be referenced in the event. Cosmic Book News is reporting that there are plans to bring the DCEU into the Arrowverse multiverse in “Crisis.” The site claims that a source closely connected to the franchise spoke with them at SDCC and revealed that discussions are currently underway to get some sort of crossover with the movies going.

There may be a hitch, though, as Warner Bros. lawyers are apparently worrying about the costs and other issues that would come from what the production team hopes to do with the DCEU’s characters. According to CBN, if specifics can’t be worked out then the back-up plan is for “Crisis” to include footage from the films. The site suggests that Henry Cavill’s Superman could be shown, thereby linking the world of the DCEU to The CW-verse, making it one big DC multiverse.

If this info’s correct and The CW can pull it off, then merging the different mediums like this would arguably be beyond what even the MCU has done with their impressive crossovers. However, to repeat, this is yet to be confirmed so we probably shouldn’t get our hopes up too much. Whatever happens, though, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is sounding more and more like a TV event that cannot be missed.

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