DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season Finale Moves To Serve As iZombie Premiere Lead-in


Although DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s current season is a bit more truncated than its other Arrowverse brethren – season 2 is slated to run for 17 episodes as opposed to, say, 23 – fans of the time traveling series will get to hold onto the show for an additional week before having to endure a hiatus that will likely last until October.

In a surprising turn of events, Legends’ season finale has been moved from Tuesday, March 28 at 9pm EST to Tuesday, April 4 at 8pm EST. If anyone is affected by this change, it’s certainly fans of iZombie, seeing as how that was originally supposed to kickoff its second season that very night with a two-hour premiere.

Our best guess is that the network may actually be doing this for iZombie’s benefit and wants it to have as strong of a lead-in as possible. As much as I love the small screen adaptation of the Vertigo comic, I admit that it could stand to gain a few more viewers. And if we want it to stand a chance of being renewed for a fourth season, the tradeoff that comes with breaking up the two-part premiere may not be so bad after all.

Let it be noted, however, that The Flash will return to the 8pm EST time slot on Tuesday nights the following week, April 11. As such, viewers will still be treated to a full night of DC TV for the remainder of the spring.

As for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, its next new episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday, February 21.