Deathstroke Features In Arrow Season 6 Extended Promo


Even though we were treated to a generous amount of new footage and information a couple months ago at San Diego Comic-Con, The CW has been somewhat mum when it comes to releasing individual promos for its various DC TV shows. Luckily, that’s now changing as we’re four weeks removed from the commencement of the next “super season.”

Recently, business picked up when we received a new look at what Supergirl has to offer, as well as what lies ahead for the Scarlet Speedster and the Waverider crew over on Legends of Tomorrow. Now, the network has finally dropped some new footage from the highly anticipated sixth season of Arrow.

Actually, you’re in for a slightly heartier helping than what was offered during one of the commercial breaks of last night’s encore presentation of “Honory Thy Fathers.” You see, an extended version of the new promo has since found its way online, and that’s obviously the one we’re going to present to you.

In it, the network wastes no time showing off Deathstroke, whom we already know to be playing a significant and recurring role this season. Granted, his tone may sound somewhat antagonistic, which is understandable given his checkered past with the Green Arrow, but it’s well known that they’ll once again be allies going forward as the search for Slade Wilson’s son intensifies.

Also of note is an appearance by Black Siren among several snippets that hint the coming year will be every bit as riveting as season 5. Furthermore, it appears as though Oliver’s attempt to establish a relationship with his son, William, will be no easy feat as the young boy may have endured some brainwashing at the hands of Prometheus – or is at least jaded after what happened on Lian Yu.

Arrow returns for its sixth season on Thursday, October 12 on The CW.