Even Demons Have Demons In Gross Trailer For Hemlock Grove Season 2


With all the attention paid to Netflix’s political drama House of Cards and prison dramedy Orange is the New Black, it’s easy to forget that the streaming giant has other original series as well. One of its more niche ones is definitely the Eli Roth-produced Hemlock Grove, a horror series about a seemingly normal town populated by strange and frightening supernatural creatures.

The first season of the show was by no means a total success – reviewers did not like it very much, and its popularity is nowhere near the levels of those aforementioned critical darlings. However, Hemlock Grove‘s pedigree and ratings were evidently enough to earn the series a second season – which premieres in full on July 11th. Now, a bloody and frightening (read: NSFW) new trailer for Hemlock Grove has hit the web. You can check it out below:

Season 1 of this show offered one of the grossest werewolf transformations I’ve ever seen, and the second season looks like it’s even darker, freakier and gorier than what came before it. Whether that means that Hemlock Grove will be better in its second string of episodes, I do not know. The cast, led by Bill Skarsgard, Landon Liboiron, Famke Janssen, Madeline Martin and Tiio Horn, is certainly talented, and Roth has more than proven that he knows how to make compelling horror, but Hemlock Grove has always struck me as a show that’s more about style than substance.

We’ll find out just what Roth and company have up their sleeves when Hemlock Grove returns on July 11th. In the meantime, however, you can check out the synopsis for the second season below.

The ten-episode second season will focus on the once sleepy Pennsylvania town coming to terms with the terror that it has seen and will continue to endure as its citizens’ monstrous secrets have been revealed. New to the cast is Madeline Brewer who plays Miranda Cates. Looking to start anew, Miranda arrives in Hemlock Grove unaware of the trauma experienced by the townspeople and of the profound effect she has had on returning characters Roman (Skarsgard) and Peter (Liboiron).