Star Wars Rebels Sequel Will Reportedly Explore The New Republic


Star Wars Rebels concluded in style back in 2018 after four seasons, but we’re now hearing reports that the story will be continued in a sequel show to be aired on Disney Plus. Given that they’re already bringing back The Clone Wars to properly conclude its own story in a seventh season in March, this makes a good deal of sense.

In fact, multiple sources are saying that work is pretty far along on the sequel show, with season 1 already in post-production and set to land in late 2020, and season 2 already in pre-production. Not only that, but a treasure trove of information has also been shared over on Reddit, shedding further light on what to expect.

Most interesting to Star Wars geeks is perhaps that the series will finally explore the New Republic set up in the wake of Return of the Jedi, showing us the new Republic Senate and the political state of the galaxy post-Empire and pre-First Order. We’ve seen various books, comics and TV shows exploring this time period, but they’ve generally taken place on the periphery of the New Republic without getting into exactly how it works.

Furthermore, it seems that within this framework, we’re going to see the return of fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano as she teams up with Sabine on a quest to find Ezra in the Unknown Regions. Along the way, they’ll reunite with Captain Rex as well, who’s seeking to cure his accelerated ageing.

When they find Ezra, he’s apparently formed an unlikely alliance with Thrawn, whose niece will become another main character. This niece is described as a “Skywalker,” but rather than this being a direct link to Anakin, Luke, Leia and Ben, it’s a term for Force-sensitive children used to navigate ships through dangerous hyperspace routes.

We’ll also see another new character: the last remnant of the Rakatan species familiar to fans from Knights of the Old Republic. He’s described as a morally grey fella, who’s an ”Aztec amphibian god-king, with a cool Irish accent.”

The antagonist in the show, meanwhile, will be the Grysk, described as looking like “ancient descriptions of the emaciated Buddha on steroids” (whatever that means). They’re said to be in a war with the Chiss Ascendancy, in which our characters will get swept up in.

And while this all remains unconfirmed for now, it’s worth noting that it’s very specific information and makes a decent amount of sense, allowing the Star Wars Rebels follow-up to tell a cool story that doesn’t run into continuity issues with the Sequel Trilogy. It also may explain Dave Filoni’s recent Instagram post teasing the return of Ahsoka.

Source: Reddit