Star Wars Rebels Sequel Reportedly Coming To Disney Plus


Star Wars Rebels wrapped up after four acclaimed seasons back in early 2018, but it’s possible that the story could be continued in a new show on Disney Plus. Similar to how the streaming service is bringing back Rebels‘ predecessor The Clone Wars for a seventh season this year, word is now circulating that there are plans afoot to create a sequel series to Rebels that will follow what happens next for at least two of its characters.

YouTube channel First Order Transmissions reports that the follow-up series is in active development and is set to arrive on Disney Plus as soon as fall 2020. In terms of story details, the Rebels sequel will star Ahsoka Tano, the former Jedi Padawan who debuted in Clone Wars, and Mandalorian heroine Sabine Wren. Clone Wars and Rebels creator Dave Filoni is said to be involved as well, but it’s apparently doubtful that he’ll be as hands-on as he was with those previous animated shows.

The fact that this supposed series will feature Ahsoka and Sabine makes sense though, given the events of the Rebels finale. Flash-forwarding to after the time of Return of the Jedi, the concluding episode established that the pair go on a quest together to find the missing Ezra Bridger. This isn’t specified in First Order Transmissions’ report, but we can guess that this mission would be the backbone of their adventures for the new show.

What’s more, if it’s being pitched as a Rebels sequel, it stands to reason that some other familiar characters will drop by, too. Hera Syndulla seems likely to turn up, especially as the flash-forward revealed she had a son, Jacen, with the late Kanan Jarrus. The fact that Jacen shares a name with Han and Leia’s evil son from the Legends timeline may even hint at a dark fate for the kid that could be explored in the series.

Obviously, this report comes from only one source right now, so feel free to take it with some skepticism. Still, a Star Wars Rebels follow-up would certainly be a smart move for Lucasfilm and could be part of their overall plans to do more with Ahsoka across the board.