Dexter Season 6 Trailer

This week at Comic-Con a brand new trailer for the upcoming sixth season of Dexter was revealed. We’ve seen a few previews before but this was the first trailer to feature actual scenes from the show, we even get a look at Colin Hanks and Mos Def. Coming in at 2 minutes, it seems like this is going to be an especially dark and twisted season for our favorite serial killer.

“Dexter this season will be in some ways a return to the Dexter that you’ve seen in the early seasons. There’s a really interesting story and journey that he’s going to be on this year. There’s going to be some degree of getting back to his roots. There will be a microscope on the Deb/Dexter relationship this season. Over time you’re going to see that relationship evolve and change, no questions about it,” said Showtime‘s president David Nevins.

We don’t get much in terms of plot as it’s really just a bunch of quick cuts but there’s still two minutes of Dexter season six footage and it’s pretty damn exciting. Returning on October 2 at 9pm, the new season is said to have a heavy focus on religion, which is something that definitely comes through in this trailer. It looks great and I’m really interested to see how Hanks’ character turns out. He’s set to play the main villain this season.

Hanks is an interesting choice as his on screen roles don’t dictate him as a natural villain. But then again that’s the beauty of all the antagonists of Dexter. John Lithgow and Jimmy Smits both had previous screen personas that didn’t naturally lend themselves to evil, yet they were both brilliant in the show.

Check out the trailer below and remember to tune in to Showtime this October to catch the return of Dexter.