Diablo Cody To Helm Show About Generation X&Y For ABC

Do you like hamburger phones and cute phrases like “honest to blog”? No? Oh. Well, maybe stop reading this article, then, home-skillet. If you do happen to like super-quirky things like that, though, you’ll be thrilled to hear that indie queen Diablo Cody is developing a new TV show about similarly quirky quirks. Want to know what it’s about? No? You’re making this job really hard for me, buddy.

Pah. Cody’s new show is set to focus on “an ambitious 22-year-old Millennial guy and a 32-year-old Gen X woman who have just moved in together and are very much in love.”

So the theme is generational, hm? That dreaded ten-year gap, of course, will be the focus of many a falling out between its unfortunate central characters who have dared to enter a relationship with such a difficult and impossible age difference. What the hell were they thinking?

Diablo Cody, of course, is the mastermind behind Juno and TV’s The United States of Tara.

What do you make of this idea, then? Could it be a potential hit for ABC?

Source: Entertainment Weekly