Disney Bosses Rumored To Be Battling Over R-Rated Streaming Content

Disney Plus

As the in-house streaming service of the most staunchly family-friendly studio in Hollywood, the idea of Disney Plus taking the plunge and putting R-rated content into active development has always been a notion that could be described as fanciful at best.

While every other combatant in the increasingly-competitive streaming wars has plenty of foul-mouthed, violent and sexually-charged film and television titles on offer at the push of a button, that’s simply never fit the Mouse House’s remit, but it’s said to be causing some disagreements behind the scenes.

Puck‘s Dylan Byers claims that the battle of the Bobs is underway, with current CEO Chapek and his predecessor Iger disagreeing over whether or not Disney Plus should try incorporating more adult-skewing projects into its ever-expanding lineup of originals.

Chapek has regularly come under fire for his so-called lack of leadership skills or failure to grasp the Disney brand, so it’s not hard to believe that he’d go against the grain and push for R-rated or less all-ages content. However, the company has Hulu and the STAR expansion for overseas customers to tick that box already, so in the grand scheme of things it would be rocking the boat just for the sake of it when there’s really no need for D+ to up the ante in terms of language, violence, nudity and the various other components that would take the corporation out of its comfort zone.