Doctor Who Actor Accused Of Sexual Harassment And Bullying By 20 Women

Doctor Who

According to multiple sources, former Doctor Who alum Noel Clarke is facing allegations of sexual harassment and bullying from numerous associates who have accused the actor of using his position as a celebrity to take advantage of them.

Clarke first rose to prominence through playing Mickey Smith, companion to both the 9th and the 10th Doctors, in the long-running BBC sci-fi series. As you’d expect, though, like most of his colleagues in the show, the star has managed to do well in the industry beyond Who by appearing in several successful flicks over the years. These have even included some high-profile projects which ultimately earned him recognition from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, not to mention the honor of receiving the BAFTA Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema Award in 2021.

Based on a report from The Guardian and many subsequent outlets, however, Noel has been fighting these scandalous accusations for several weeks. Apparently, the alleged victims had first filed complaints to the BAFTA, but when the academy refused to investigate the matter, they decided to share their stories with the public. The British thespian has vehemently denied most of these detailed accounts, of course, though he admitted to one incident where he verbally abused a woman.

Doctor Who

Some of these instances reportedly involved Clarke’s past colleague Gina Powell, who claimed that he made a number of sexually charged comments while working with her. The actress further asserted that she even heard stories of him secretly filming performers in the nude during auditions.

The rest of these circumstantial statements, meanwhile, are utterly more damning for the Doctor Who star, whose career has now come to a halt indefinitely until the powers that be get to the bottom of this story.