Doctor Who Fans Are Distraught After Two Companions Exit In New Year’s Special

Doctor Who

Doctor Who returned for a one-off special this New Year’s Day and, while there was a lot of fun to be had from the inclusion of John Barrowman’s Captain Jack and a Dalek civil war, “Revolution of the Daleks” ended on a heartbreaking note as not one, but two of the Thirteenth Doctor’s best friends left the show. As we knew going into the episode, both Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Graham (Bradley Walsh) exited the TARDIS, breaking up the Time Lord’s so-called “fam” that has been at the heart of the series since 2018.

Though they weren’t killed, pulled into a parallel universe or had their memories wiped like some of the most devastating companion exits of the past, fans got pretty teary by the time the credits were rolling. Ryan was the one who first decided to leave, having realized that he could do more good on Earth, both in terms of growing as a person and helping humanity. Graham then made his mind up to depart, too, to be with his grandson.

Folks are “distraught” over the episode, then, and here are just some of the emotional reactions floating around on social media.

We’re going to miss the fam.

The episode was “spot on really.”

Emotions are running high.

It was the perfect emotional send-off.

The final scene saw Ryan and Graham recreating the opening of their first episode, which came with a callback to their late grandmother/wife Grace (Sharon D. Clarke). And the way her ghost appeared reminded some of Jenna Coleman’s last cameo on Who in 2017.

“I’m not crying, you are!”

After the episode aired, the BBC made a surprise announcement, revealing that British comedian John Bishop has been cast as new companion Dan, who’ll be joining Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill in the TARDIS for season 13 of Doctor Who. That’s filming now ahead of its release later this year. But tell us, will you miss Ryan and Graham? Sound off down below.