Doctor Who Fans Freaking Out Over That Big Cybermen Twist

Doctor Who

Last night, the second season of Doctor Who starring Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth incarnation of the Time Lord reached its conclusion, and with it, the series will never be the same again.

If there’s one thing we can say with absolute certainty about showrunner Chris Chibnall’s second year in Who, it’s that he managed to finally give fans a proper story arc full of twists, cliffhangers and unexpected surprises. After reviving the Master, bringing back Captain Jack Harkness and introducing a secret Doctor to the series’ lore, Chibs concluded this season with a bang and forever changed the history of Doctor Who.

In what could only be deemed the show’s biggest twist up to now, the Master revealed that the Doctor is, in fact, the Timeless Child. She’s not the Last of the Time Lords but rather, she’s the very first of them. Not only that, but the indigenous race on Gallifrey got the ability to regenerate from the Doctor by splicing their DNA with hers.

But that’s not all. In the finale, titled “The Timeless Children,” the Master lures the army of Cybermen to the destroyed Capitol on Gallifrey, where he creates a new breed of Time Lord Cybermen that can regenerate every time they’re killed. These new Cybermen had a Gallifreyan-style armor as well, which led to many fans freaking out when they appeared.

Check out just some of the reactions to this terrifying twist below:

Naturally, the Doctor had to think of a way on short notice to stop this new race, as the combination of Cyber tech and Time Lord art potentially made them out to be the most dangerous and destructive force in the universe.

Ultimately, the Timeless Child released the Death Particle and destroyed all organic life on Gallifrey, including the Master and all the other Time Lords. Or what was left of them, at least.

Of course, with all these revelations, Doctor Who will never be the same, but we’re excited to see what awaits the Thirteenth Doctor now that she has no home or allegiance in this universe.