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Doctor Who Fans Are Going Crazy For Alan Cumming’s King James I

Following tonight's episode of Doctor Who, titled "The Witchfinders," the fans are taking to social media to show their excitement over Alan Cumming's role as King James I.

“Rosa” and “Demons of the Punjab” might not have been your usual Doctor Who fare, but they were brave enough to give us bold, emotional human stories that contained some strong contemporary messages about our current society. Tonight’s episode, “The Witchfinders” – which took the Doctor and her companions to the witch trials of 17th century England – had the potential to have much the same power, but the end result didn’t pack enough of a punch to measure up to those aforementioned outings.

Still, there was one thing about the latest installment of Doctor Who that everyone agrees was terrific, and that was Alan Cumming’s guest spot as King James I. He was a definite highlight in an otherwise mediocre episode and fans have already taken to Twitter to sing his praises.

Below, you’ll find just a sample of what folks are saying, with more and more Tweets continuing to pour out that show us how much people loved his performance.

While Whittaker was as great as ever tonight, Cumming stole the show, as evidenced by the Tweets above. Folks were pretty excited to see him appear on the series, too – as he turned down the part of the Doctor many years ago – and he didn’t disappoint. Sure, his larger-than-life performance may not have fit with the dour, pretty gloomy subject matter, but he livened up the episode considerably.

With any luck, Doctor Who will bring his King James I back at some point in the future. Perhaps not on this season, but a return for Cumming would certainly go down well with the fanbase and we imagine that the producers have exactly that in mind already.

Tell us, did you enjoy seeing the actor appear tonight? And would you like to see him reprise the role again? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment below.

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