Doctor Who Fans Think The New Monsters Are Terrifying


It’s probably fair to say that the new season of Doctor Who hasn’t had the smoothest of starts, with the BBC show losing almost a million viewers since its recent premiere. While showrunner Chris Chibnall has revealed he doesn’t care about reviews, and avoids social media, it does seem that the series needs a bit of a jumpstart after the opening two-parter and last week’s “Orphan 55.” One thing that fans do appear to be happy about, though, is the scare factor of the monsters introduced in the latter episode.

As evidenced below, Doctor Who viewers found the vicious Dregs in “Orphan 55” to be a terrifying addition to the canon of creatures in the series. Praise on social media included:

All that being said, this episode was far from perfect. Writer Ed Hime, who penned the excellent “It Takes You Away” in season 11, arguably struggles to find new things to say in an outing that riffs on classic base-in-peril scenarios, as well as the seemingly idyllic location that turns out to be something else entirely. Throw in some tired humor, and difficulties landing the central theme, and “Orphan 55” will likely go down as one of the least memorable installments of Jodie Whittaker’s era as the Doctor.

Still, the Dregs were well-realized, even with some plotting inconsistencies, and the use of practical effects is a welcome change from CGI. Here’s hoping that this week’s “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror” can deliver on its awesome title and get season 12’s rocky start back on track. Of course, there are still plenty more episodes for Chibnall to get the quality levels back up, but the potential for a coherent season-long arc has been damaged by recent hints that we won’t get a full explanation for the “Timeless Child” mystery this year.

Tell us, though, what do you think of the Dregs as a new Doctor Who monster? As always, let us know in the comments down below.