Doctor Who Fans Spot Major Flaw In Old David Tennant Episode

David Tennant Doctor Who

Before the Grumpy Magician and the Raggedy Doctor, David Tennant stole the show with his charismatic portrayal of the tenth incarnation of the titular character in Doctor Who. To this day, a lot of fans seem to think that the 10th and Russell T. Davies’ era was the golden age of the sci-fi series, but the early days of modern Who weren’t as flawless as one would imagine.

After the savage and reckless 9th Doctor, who was just out of the Time War, fans were soon introduced to David Tennant; a version of The Last of the Time Lords that was younger and more energetic than everyone that had come before him. But the road to becoming a legendary incarnation, even more so than Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.

One would argue that that’s the case with every new Doctor, but back in those days, budgetary issues were always a constraint. Granted, Tennant would go on to be known as the ultimate hero, saving Earth and the universe countless times as the man who regretted his actions when he was the War Doctor. But when it comes to it, ‘John Smith’ had humbler beginnings.

After his regeneration, The Doctor and Rose go to New Earth on their first adventure, where they learn a horrible truth about mankind. It appears, though, that the episode had several continuity errors that eagle-eyed fans have just realized now. As one of them recently wrote on

“Those people created for medical experiments cannot run. In fact they can barely walk, so how come they can climb nearly as fast as Rose?”

What they’re referring to, of course, are the human clones that the pair come across when they’re traversing the luxurious hospital as per the instructions of the Face of Boe. After accidentally releasing them, The Doctor and Rose have to escape the zombie-like creatures, but they suddenly seem to get super abilities for the convenience of the plot.

It can’t get any worse than this for the show now, can it? Well, it appears that the premiere episode of season 2 suffers from yet another blunder that a user pointed out.

“As the camera zooms out when Rose is captured and Cassandra is about to “go” into Rose, the psychograft disappears, but in the next shot of Rose it appears again,” they wrote.

You ought to remember that this was back in 2006, so explosive premieres weren’t really a thing for Doctor Who, but the showrunner and his writers sure picked it up in the remainder of the second season, which is now considered a classic in the series’ history, especially thanks to the grand finale and the Battle of Canary Wharf.