Doctor Who Season 11 Clip Reminds Us How To Defeat A Dalek

Doctor Who

It’s felt like forever since we last had a new episode of Doctor WhoWith season 12 pushed back until 2020, the only outing we’ve seen so far in 2019 is the special that aired all the way back on New Year’s Day. Finally, though, the BBC recently teased some incoming news – or, fingers crossed, a trailer – for the next run and while we wait for that, we can now relive the last time Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor was on our screens.

Remember the New Year’s special? Titled “Resolution,” it saw the return of the Daleks – well, one – for the first time since the Whittaker era began. The episode was one of the strongest of season 11, involving an interesting subplot of the Dalek mutant possessing a human woman. By the end, though, it’d created itself a new casing and was hellbent on calling the rest of its kind to Earth to start an invasion. Cue the sound of the TARDIS as the Doctor arrived to stop it.

Fans might’ve had to wait all year to see Thirteen face a Dalek, but it looks like season 12 won’t be so shy with wheeling out the villains. Set photos have revealed that an army of the Skaro-born baddies will return to our world, led by a black-colored Supreme Dalek. The rhino-headed Judoon are another familiar foe set to return, while the Cybermen may also be putting in an appearance.

As said above, the BBC recently released a promo image that told us to “watch this space.” So far, no further updates have arrived, but fans should keep an eye on the show’s official social media pages this weekend. In the meantime, the clip above – the kind of scene that’s played out countless times across Doctor Who history – reminds us what’s awaiting us when season 12 eventually hits our screens.