Doctor Who Set Pics Reveal The Return Of The Show’s Most Terrifying Monsters

Doctor Who

Don’t even blink, as set photos from the upcoming thirteenth season of Doctor Who tease the return of the Weeping Angels, once again back to terrorize the titular protagonist, her companions, or anyone that dares look the other way in their presence.

The quantum-locked statues first made their debut in season 3’s “Blink,” where they zapped the 10th Doctor and Martha back in time. Steven Moffat then further explored these terrifying monsters in season 5, in a two-parter that saw the 11th, Amy, and River Song attempt to stop their rise to power. And who could forget “Angels Take Manhattan,” the gut-wrenching season 7 story that served as a goodbye to the Ponds and made Whovians collectively hate the mysterious creatures with a fiery passion?

After that episode, we’ve seen the Angels appear in one way or another in the past couple of years, sometimes even in the capacity of a brief cameo, but never so prominently as to be the main threat to the Doctor and her allies. That’s bound to change in season 13, though, as new set photos from filming in Penarth reveal that they’ll be making a comeback in Jodie Whittaker’s next outing.

For those of you who are having a difficult time remembering what makes these monsters some of the most compelling and terrifying creatures in the history of the show, the Weeping Angels send people back in time and feed on their time energy to survive. Their only chance to do that, though, is when they’re unseen. In fact, when in visual contact, they’re nothing but mere statues. The moment you turn your gaze away, or blink for that matter, though, it’s nothing but bad news.

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