Doctor Who EP Offers Update On Status Of Season 13

Doctor Who

Doctor Who finished its twelfth season back on March 1st, airing just weeks before the coronavirus pandemic began to severely disrupt release schedules. However, the show hasn’t entirely escaped the mayhem.

A planned Christmas special titled “Revolution of the Daleks” had been in the works, as was a thirteenth season. And using his monthly production notes column in Doctor Who Magazine, showrunner Chris Chibnall has now updated us on the current status of both those projects.

On “Revolution,” Chibnall disclosed that post-production is being done remotely, so it should be on track for its festive broadcast. Season 13 will likely be more disrupted, though. Chibnall stressed that “stories are forming, writers are writing, conversations keep going, plans continue to be hatched,” and that though the crew are making the best of a bad situation, they are all “yearning” to work together in person again.

It’s mixed news, then. “Revolution of the Daleks” is still on the way, but things look trickier for the next season. Filming for “Revolution” had at least been completed, making it easier to get it onto screens. As long as the pandemic forces us to socially distance though, large scale projects like shooting an entire new set of episodes will be very difficult to pull off. As such, one suspects season 13 won’t be airing for some time yet.

Got any thoughts on Chibnall’s update? Leave a comment below. Those who’ve followed my articles over the last few months (hello there) may have noted my intense dislike of his spell running Doctor Who, and been as surprised as I was to find this article devoid of cheap shots or badmouthing of any kind.

Naturally, I found this year’s season finale reprehensible. Damn, so close to the finish line as well.