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John Barrowman Thinks Jodie Whittaker Should Be Replaced By Olly Alexander On Doctor Who

It's been heavily rumored that Jodie Whittaker will pass on the sonic screwdriver to the fourteenth incarnation of Doctor Who's titular character in the upcoming season.

Doctor Who

It’s been heavily rumored that Jodie Whittaker will pass on the sonic screwdriver to the fourteenth incarnation of Doctor Who‘s titular character in the upcoming season.

But in addition to all the hearsay, it’s usually around an actor’s third run as the Doctor when speculation about their successor starts brewing among Whovians. As such, diehard fans are currently discussing who should take on the mantle as methodically and obsessively as you’d expect them to. There are a number of favored candidates, of course, including Good Omens star Michael Sheen and English musician Olly Alexander, though if John Barrowman has anything to say about it, the role should go to the latter.

The actor, who portrays the legendary Captain Jack Harkness in the show, and reprised his role for the recent special episode, “Revolution of the Daleks,” discussed Whittaker’s replacement in an interview, and explained why he thinks Alexander would be the best choice to fill her shoes. Here’s what he had to share:

It’s a Sin is, there you go, another pandemic that we went through and that’s why I say get the vaccine,” he said. “We as gay men and women have been through a pandemic already. 37 million people worldwide have died from HIV and AIDs, and you know, get the vaccine. Anyway, however, Olly would be amazing, he’s quirky, he’s fun, he’s a lovely actor and I think he would make a wonderful Doctor.”

It’s a Sin, which is coincidentally produced by former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies, revolves around a group of teens dealing with the outbreak of HIV in the UK through the years 1981-1991. In it, Olly plays the lead role of Ritchie Tozer, for which he’s since received a ton of acclaim.

Of course, the BBC has yet to confirm or deny rumors of Whittaker’s departure, but considering the fact that the last three incarnations, portrayed by David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi, respectively, stuck around for no more than three seasons, it’d make sense for the Thirteenth to follow this implicit tradition.

Tell us, though, who do you want to see take on the role next? Sound off below.

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