Michael Sheen’s Odds To Replace Jodie Whittaker On Doctor Who Increase

Doctor Who

Showrunner Chris Chibnall and the gang are currently busy shooting the thirteenth season of Doctor Who in Cardiff, but as Jodie Whittaker prepares for her third run in the role of the titular protagonist, some fans are already wondering about who she might regenerate into when the time comes.

It’s been a tough few years for the BBC’s popular sci-fi series as the show continues to grapple with a nosedive in the ratings and a fanbase that seems divided due to the current EP’s controversial decisions in regards to the narrative and its continuity. Indeed, an estimable number of Whovians have criticized the last two seasons time and again for their lackluster scripts and even more mediocre resolutions. Though Chibs has also managed to find his footing within the community by distancing himself from the tropes of Steven Moffat’s era, some of which are still a struggle to bear through for a lot of diehard fans.

But whether you’ve enjoyed Doctor Who under the Broadchurch creator or not, he and Jodie Whittaker are officially embarking on their third outing next year. And given the fact that the last three Doctors (David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi) all stayed for no more than 3 runs, rumors have been circulating online about the possibility that the Black Mirror star may also quit after the upcoming thirteenth season.

As you’d expect, a number of viable candidates have since been the center of speculation, namely Kris Marshall, Michaela Coel and Richard Ayoade. But according to the bookmaker outlet Ladbrokes, another name is rising through the ranks now, and it’s none other than Michael Sheen OBE, Tennant’s co-star in Good Omens and Staged. Apparently, the Masters of Sex actor’s odds of replacing Whittaker have improved exponentially in the last few days – from 20/1 to 12/1, to be precise.

Considering the fact that the last 12 Doctors before Jodie have all been male, the BBC might once again opt for a more progressive approach and cast another female actor to portray the Last of the Time Lords in Doctor Who, even though the showrunners have continuously stated that the mantle has always passed onto the person who deserved it the most. In any case, it’ll probably be a while yet before we learn of who they’ve chosen, but as always, feel free to share your own pick down below.