Doctor Who Star Michelle Gomez Hints At First Bisexual Character


Though her casting attracted a backlash – an asinine backlash, we might add – from a vocal minority of Internet users, Jodie Whittaker’s appointment as the Thirteenth Doctor has been hailed as a progressive step in the right direction for Doctor Who.

For all of the buzz generated by Whittaker’s casting, there is something bittersweet about her addition, as it signals the impending finale for Peter Capaldi, who won over the hearts and minds of Who fans after facing critics of his own. But for Jodie Whittaker, the Broadchurch actress is about to make history by becoming the first female Doctor ever to grace the famous TARDIS, and we can’t wait to see her assume the Time Lord mantle when Doctor Who‘s Christmas Special airs before the year’s end.

According to reports that are starting to surface though, the upcoming season will go one step further and incorporate a bisexual arc into Whittaker’s journey. This news comes to us by way of British tabloid the Daily Star (!), after the outlet quoted Michelle Gomez (Missy) as saying: “Now we have got a female Doctor, so there is going to be girl on girl.”

We know that Doctor Who has featured LGBT storylines in the past, given Pearl Mackie’s character Bill Potts fell head over heels for a female alien before they set off to explore the cosmos together. Even still, the framing of the Daily Star’s report itself is lewd from top to bottom, and there’s a very good chance Gomez’s quote about “girl on girl” isn’t sexual whatsoever and has instead been lifted out of context. Because let’s face it: the Daily Star isn’t exactly known to be a bastion of journalistic integrity.

In closing, when asked about the possibility of a bisexual Doctor, Mackie chimed in during the Star’s interview and noted: “It is Doctor Who. Never say never.”

Bringing together the likes of Mackie, David Bradley and Mark Gatiss, Doctor Who‘s 2017 Christmas Special will be on our screens in the latter stages of December, and it’ll not only herald Peter Capaldi’s last hurrah, but also Steven Moffat’s, who’s poised to hand over the keys to showrunner Chris Chibnall.

Source: Daily Star