Relive Peter Capaldi’s Best Moments With This Doctor Who Tribute Video


If there’s one downside to the great news that Jodie Whittaker is joining Doctor Who as its first ever female Doctor this Christmas, it means that we don’t have much longer left with the amazing Peter Capaldi. The Scottish actor has proven himself born to play the part of the centuries-old Time Lord over the past three seasons and his performance has been reliably brilliant throughout.

Thankfully, we can all relive the Twelfth Doctor’s best moments with this three-minute video that pulls highlights from across seasons 8 to 10. The tribute was first unveiled at Sunday’s Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con and after it ended, the thousands in the audience gave Capaldi a standing ovation.

Titled “Thank You, Doctor,” the compilation video features both the actor’s most dramatic and funniest moments in the show. We see him standing alongside his companions Clara (Jenna Coleman) and Bill (Pearl Mackie) and facing down his greatest foes like the Daleks, the Cybermen and Missy (Michelle Gomez). It also reminds us of his “birth,” the devastating loss of Clara, the time he went blind and finally, his tragic last battle in the recent season 10 finale.

It’s a great way to pay tribute, but there are a few strange exclusions here. Two of his most iconic moments, in particular, are left out. Namely, the Doctor’s anti-war speech in “The Zygon Inversion” and when he smashed down the diamond wall in “Heaven Sent.” Still, it’s the perfect bite-size way to look back at the Capaldi era before it ends in a few months’ time.

As you surely know, Capaldi’s final hour is this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special. Titled “Twice Upon A Time,” it will see the Twelfth Doctor team up with the First Doctor (played by Harry Potter‘s Argus Filch David Bradley), while Mark Gatiss and Pearl Mackie will also make appearances. For more, be sure to check out the trailer below!