Doctor Who And Arrow Fans Show Their Support For John Barrowman After Severe Injury


John Barrowman gave his fans a scare yesterday when he announced that he had suffered a severe neck injury. The actor, best known for his iconic roles in Doctor Who and Arrowis currently embarking on a tour of the UK with his “A Fabulous Christmas” song and dance show. Tragically, though, he’s had to cancel a couple of legs on his tour in order to receive treatment for the injury that’s left him unable to perform.

Obviously, those who were due to see him in Bristol and Glasgow are upset about the cancellation, but everyone seems to be sending Barrowman get well soon wishes and other signs of support as he rests in hospital. In fact, it’s clear from the responses that the star has a lot of folks who really care about him out there.

Here’s just a small selection of the replies on Twitter:

In addition to his skills as a singer, Barrowman has found fame for his extended roles in two of TV’s biggest franchises. He was the immortal adventurer Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and its spinoff Torchwood – he last played the part on TV back in 2011, but he still voices him in original audio dramas. He’s also frequently discussed his hopes for a screen return at some point.

Meanwhile, he’s likewise known as Malcolm Merlyn AKA Dark Archer, Oliver Queen’s first nemesis, on Arrow. He just recently showed up as an alternate version of the villain in the series’ season 8 premiere, too. Might he appear one last time in Arrow‘s upcoming series finale? Perhaps.

The latest updates to Barrowman’s social media accounts reveal that he’s undergoing treatment for his neck injury – which has been officially diagnosed as a C5/6 facet joint injury – and is in good care. Here’s hoping that he’s back on his feet sooner rather than later.

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