First Look At Doctor Who Christmas Special Coming Next Week


The wait until Christmas is always a tough one for Doctor Who fans, as the yuletide season routinely brings a new adventure for the Time Lord. This year’s special is set to be extra exciting, though, as it features not only a team-up between the First and Twelfth Doctors, the return of Pearl Mackie’s Bill and a guest spot from Mark Gatiss, but also the final bow of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and the debut of Jodie Whittaker as No. 13.

Thankfully, the Doctor Who drought will have a slight reprieve next week when our first look at the episode, titled “Twice Upon a Time,” is unveiled. A short clip will be broadcast on Friday, November 17th, as part of the Children in Need charity telethon. It will arrive at some point between 7pm and 10pm UK time and should land online shortly afterwards.

Children in Need has always been a must-watch for Doctor Who fans as the sci-fi series usually gets involved in some form every year. On occasion, it’s even featured an exclusive mini-episode, with one memorable example from 2007 seeing David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor come face to face with Peter Davison’s Fifth incarnation – the first time that a classic Doctor had met a version from the modern series.

Other times, though, a clip from the upcoming Christmas special is played, which is the route they’re taking here. For obvious reasons, the scenes shown are usually from the beginning of the episode, sometimes even the pre-credits sequence. So, we would expect something similar next week as well. Hopefully, though, it’ll give us our first proper look at the partnership between Capaldi and David Bradley, with the Harry Potter actor taking over the role of the First Doctor from William Hartnell, who played the part from 1963-66.

So, there you have it. Doctor Who fans should be primed for a sneak peak at the upcoming Christmas special on November 17. That’s also the day that Justice League arrives in cinemas and The Punisher lands on Netflix. All things considered, it’ll be a good day to be a geek.