Peter Capaldi Assures Fans Doctor Who Is In “Good Hands” With Jodie Whittaker


Every time the Doctor regenerates it’s always an exciting but worrying occasion for Doctor Who fans. Despite each of the twelve actors to play the role so far having nailed it, there’s always the worry that the next one might not be as good. With Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor on the horizon, the sci-fi icon is going through a bigger change than normal. But one figure of authority is assuring us that the future is bright for Doctor Who.

While attending New York Comic-Con, Peter Capaldi expressed his complete support of Whittaker’s casting once again. “It’s in good hands,” he said. “She’s really great.” He then continued on, saying:

“You’re coming up on a really nice time. It’s always really wonderful when there’s a transition to a new Doctor.”

The Scottish actor next turned to the topic of why he decided to vacate the role of his dreams, after three seasons spread over four years. Capaldi explained that it was the all-encompassing nature of the show and his thirst to keep things fresh that made up his mind.

“It fills up your life. You don’t have a second where it’s not about Doctor Who. It’s a nice way to live… [But] I really never wanted to get to a place where I knew how to do this because that’s not what being creative is. The actual amount of time we were spending on the show, I realized I was getting the hang of it. And that made me frightened.”

Finally, one fan then asked the star whether he thinks he might return to Doctor Who one day for a multi-Doctor special. Echoing comments he’s made previously, Capaldi revealed that he wants his exit at Christmas to be his final appearance on the series. “I think it’s probably time for me to go,” he succinctly put it.

Twelfth Doctor lovers have just one more episode to enjoy with Peter Capaldi in the TARDIS – this December’s yuletide special, titled “Twice Upon A Time.” Expect Jodie Whittaker to make her Doctor Who debut in the closing moments, before taking over permanently in season 11.