Steven Moffat Teases Jodie Whittaker’s First Doctor Who Scene


As he teased a couple of weeks ago, outgoing Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is one of the lucky few who’s seen Jodie Whittaker’s first scenes as the Thirteenth Doctor. Thankfully, for the rest of us who have to wait until Christmas, Moffat has provided some hints at what to expect, and he sounds extremely optimistic.

To commemorate the anniversary of the popular Doctor Who-themed YouTube channel Babelcolour, Moffat provided a special message in which he also talked about what’s to come on the sci-fi show.

Doctor Who has an amazing future, and I’ve seen part of it. I’ve seen Jodie’s first scene as the Doctor, and, trust me, we are in for a thrill ride. She is already brilliant. In such a tiny moment, she’s given us the Doctor we’ve always known, but in, to say the least, a new way. We are in for a very exciting run.”

Perhaps the biggest thing to take away from Moffat’s words is that Whittaker will only have a “tiny moment” in the Christmas special. However, it sounds like she’ll at least make a big impression. Moffat’s promise that the actress will be “the Doctor we’ve always known” should also help win fans who are worried about a female Doctor over.

As well as teasing Whittaker’s performance, the writer-director was also on hand to hint at the upcoming Christmas special “Twice Upon A Time,” which will mark his final episode in charge of Doctor Who before he hands over the reins to Chris Chibnall.

“Doctor Who has a very exciting present, because we’re still working on the Christmas present that is… that’s a very bad joke isn’t it? That is the Christmas special, where David Bradley returns as the First Doctor. He exquisitely recreates William Hartnell’s wonderful performance from all those years ago… And of course you’ve got Peter Capaldi in his very last go as the Doctor. He’s going to break your heart! Your heart is going to be in pieces by the end of this. And only Jodie Whittaker will be able to cheer you up again.”

In other words, Doctor Who fans should get ready for a very emotionally-unstable Christmas day this year.

Source: YouTube

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