‘Doctor Who’ EP confirms we haven’t seen the last of fan-favorite character


The biggest fan-favorite character introduced in the Jodie Whittaker era of Doctor Who is definitely returning before the 13th Doctor regenerates. 2020’s season 12 well and truly detonated Whoniverse canon with its revelation that the Doctor had countless regenerations before the First Doctor (William Hartnell). While this retcon proved highly controversial, at least it gave us the Fugitive Doctor, Jo Martin’s lost incarnation who fans have really taken to heart.

Unfortunately, she’s only appeared a handful of times over the past couple of seasons, and even then only for brief cameos. The good news is that we can now say for sure that Martin will be back as her Doctor before 2022 is out. While attending the Gallifrey One convention this weekend, executive producer Matt Strevens revealed to those in attendance that, according to Twitter user @_MxtthewHxll_, “we haven’t seen the last” of the actress on the show.

Though it might sound like a vague enough comment, Strevens’ tease actually allows us to narrow down exactly which episode Martin will be appearing in. After boarding the show in 2017, Whittaker is leaving the TARDIS behind this year and has got just two standalone specials left to go, with the first dropping this spring. Featuring the return of the Sea Devils and a medieval Chinese setting, the episode looks to be a classic self-contained adventure. So Martin is most likely to show up in Whittaker’s finale instead.

Coming this summer, to coincide with the BBC’s centenary celebrations, the second special is the one that’ll see the 13th Doctor regenerate into the as-yet-unknown fourteenth incarnation. As the revelation of the Fugitive Doctor’s existence has been such a big part of her era, it makes sense that Martin would drop by one last time for Whittaker’s final outing. Her appearance could even tie into the upcoming comic book series that’ll reveal her secret origins.

Doctor Who returns this spring with “Legend of the Sea Devils”.