Sherlock Actress Louise Brealey Admits Long-Time Desire For A Role On Doctor Who


Louise Brealey, who plays Sherlock superfan Molly Hooper on the hit BBC drama, has admitted her long-time desire for a role on Doctor Who.

In fact, as the actress tells Radio Times, she’s asked the Powers That Be “a million times” for a guest role on the long-running sci-fi series, and at least so far, those attempts at currying favor have come to naught. That’s not to say that Brealey now holds a grudge against the likes of Steven Moffat, who is all set to vacate the role of Doctor Who showrunner following the 2017 Christmas Special – a Christmas Special that will also see the inevitable changeover from Capaldi to Whittaker.

Per Radio Times, here’s Louise Brealey reflecting on those failed attempts at landing the Doctor Who gig.

“I’ve asked them a million times! Absolutely. I’ve said ‘Look, I’ll be a Dalek….nothing. Absolutely nothing. Furious,” she joked. “Not asking any more.”

But again, Brealey harbors no ill feelings toward Moffat and the other creative players involved in Doctor Who; here, Radio Times merely points out a parallel between Sherlock and Who thanks to the involvement of Steven Moffat, whose tenure overseeing the Time Lord’s adventures is coming to an end.

I know, he’s gone! Blown it. Who’s the next one? I’m gonna start currying favour with them. Please don’t say I’m absolutely furious that Steven hasn’t given me a part on that show. I asked to be [in it], just because, you know – it’s Doctor Who. But it’s OK. I’m not losing sleep over it.

“Twice Upon a Time,” the much-anticipated Christmas Special of 2017, will be on our screens on December 25th. Shortly thereafter, incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall will take up the reins for Doctor Who series 11, which places Jodie Whittaker front and center as the renown Time Lord. Expect that one to kick off late next year.

Source: Radio Times