Doctor Who Season 11’s Trump-Like Villain May Return In A Future Episode


Something that’s marked out Doctor Who season 11 from previous runs is that it’s not afraid to tackle contemporary, real-world issues head on. One of the most notable ways that it did that came in episode 4, titled “Arachnids in the UK,” in which the Doctor and her friends encountered Jack Robertson, a filthy rich and unpleasant American businessman who was planning on running for the presidency.

It was obvious to all that Robertson was intended as a thin parody of actual POTUS Donald Trump. It also seemed like the series might have more use for the character in the future, as Robertson escaped the episode in tact and was still planning on making his bid to be elected. Sure enough, we’ve now got confirmation that this is a possibility, as actor Chris Noth has confirmed that he may return to Doctor Who.

While speaking with The Mirror, the topic of Trump came up and Noth – most known for Sex and the City and The Good Wife – naturally brought up his Who character, saying:

“I played a character based loosely on him. It was actually the idea of [Donald] Trump without being Trump. I’m worried about our country under his reign. Hopefully the Democratic Congress will regain our sanity.”

He also explained that he had a great time on the show and is open to appearing in another episode at some point.

“I may come back and do another episode. It was just marvellous. I loved all the actors and Jodie [Whittaker] was fantastic. I couldn’t have admired them more. They’re hard workers, it’s a fun show.”

Even though he could come back, we shouldn’t expect to see Noth’s potential return to Doctor Who anytime soon, as we discovered today that season 12 won’t air next year and has been held back until 2020. The New Year’s episode, “Resolution,” will be the only installment we get in 2019 and we’re pretty sure Jack Robertson won’t be showing up there. In fact, fans believe it’ll be the Daleks’ time to shine in the holiday special.