Doctor Who Showrunner Introduces Season 10 Finale: “Things Have Never Been Deadlier”


It’s almost here, folks – the final episode of season 10 of Doctor Who

Finales are always a big deal, but this one means more than most. Apart from the Christmas special, this is the last regular outing to star Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and the final instalment to be written by Steven Moffat. It’s also likely the final time we’ll see Michelle Gomez as Missy and Pearl Mackie as Bill. And possibly Matt Lucas as Nardole, too.

Thankfully, this end of an era is being marked by an explosive conclusion. Following on from episode 11, “World Enough and Time,” the teasingly-titled “The Doctor Falls” will see the Time Lord face off against not just Missy but her previous self, the Master (John Simm), as well. To make things worse, Bill has been converted into a Cyberman. Because, oh yeah, there’s an army of the cyborgs on the way, too. Things have never been so deadly.

At least, that’s what Steven Moffat claims in his introduction for the episode. Spoilerphobes have nothing to fear, as the writer doesn’t go into plot points for the upcoming finale but just sets the scene for the terrible situation that the Doctor finds himself in.

But will things literally be deadly for the Time Lord in this episode? Will the title live up to its name? In short, will Peter Capaldi’s time traveller really meet his end this week instead of in the Christmas special? Judging by the clips of a regeneration in the trailers for “The Doctor Falls,” all the signs are pointing to that being the case. Unless of course they’re deliberately pointing us in the wrong direction and there will be another death instead?

One way or another, we’ll find out when Doctor Who returns with “The Doctor Falls” on BBC America this Saturday at 9PM.

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