‘Doctor Who’ star teases explosive conclusion in season finale

It feels like it only just kicked off, but next weekend marks the season finale of Doctor Who: Flux, the six-part miniseries that comprises the sci-fi show’s thirteenth run. Though the small number of episodes was a limitation of producing it during the pandemic, the storytelling hasn’t been limited one bit with Flux undoubtedly being one of the most ambitious seasons of the modern series, filled to the brim with side-plots, allies, villains and monsters.

Monsters include the Sontarans, the potato-headed alien invaders who returned earlier this season after a long break away from the screen. This Sunday’s penultimate chapter promised that the classic foes will play a key role in the finale, and actor Jonathan Watson has now teased what we can expect from the Sontarans’ latest attack on Earth in “Chapter Six: The Vanquishers”. As told to Radio Times, Watson said to expect “confrontation and destruction”:

“All I can say is, [the Sontarans] haven’t changed. They’re still looking for confrontation and destruction, and all these things that they enjoy. No, there’s not a lot of twists or anything like that.”

Watson went on to add that he thinks the episode serves as a “wonderful conclusion” and has hopes that the fans will go crazy for it.

“I can’t say too much – it’s very tricky. But I think it’s a wonderful conclusion. I really hope that the fans enjoy it as much as I did being part of it.”

The Sontarans had a cameo in the season opener before taking center stage in episode 2, “War of the Sontarans”. Since they were sent away with their tails between their legs by the Doctor and friends in that story, they disappeared for a couple of episodes until the end of chapter five. This one revealed that they’d allied themselves with shady villain the Grand Serpent (Craig Parkinson) who had infiltrated alien-busting organization U.N.I.T. and shut it down, leaving the planet free for the taking.

The Doctor’s got her work cut out for her in the finale, as on top of the Sontarans, there’s still the threat of Swarm (Sam Spruell) and Azura (Rochenda Sandall) and the planet-eating Flux itself to contend with. Find out how she fares when Doctor Who: Flux comes to an end this Sunday, Dec. 5 on BBC America.