The Walking Dead Will Have A Very Long Life On AMC


While ratings may not be where they once were, The Walking Dead remains one of the most popular cable dramas on television. Now in its seventh year, the comic book adaptation shows no signs of slowing down, something which is evident from recent comments made by Josh Sapan, the CEO of AMC Networks.

After sharing the company’s Q4 earnings (which saw them gain 13% in revenue), he revealed that the network views The Walking Dead as being one of its most profitable properties with the potential to keep making them money for many more years to come. As a result, we probably shouldn’t expect to see the show wrap up any time soon, something which makes perfect sense given how much story there’s left to tell.

“The show continues to have creative strength and command a large and loyal audience, which has in turn attracted ad revenue to our great benefit. The Walking Dead remains the number 1 show on television by a wide margin and is a powerful example of programming that we own and distribute that commands a loyal audience, attracts advertising revenue, and has significant ancillary revenues that will benefit our business for years to come.”

It took over six years for The Walking Dead to get to the comics’ 100th issue, and considering the fact that it’s currently on issue #163, it’s likely that the show will take a very long time until it catches up with the source material. Plus, given that longtime stars like Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus have no interest in departing the AMC drama, there’s also no reason to suspect that things will change too much.

Despite the divisive (and incredibly violent) premiere, The Walking Dead continues to receive positive reviews and its seventh season is possibly the best it’s ever been – despite a few hiccups here and there. As such, we can’t wait to see what else AMC has planned for the series and are pleased to hear that it’s going to be around for a while.