Doom Patrol Renewed For Second Season


With Titans set to kickoff its second season on September 6th, DC fans have been anxiously waiting to learn Doom Patrol‘s fate. And who could blame them? In my initial review of the series’ first few episodes, I awarded it a perfect score – and if I were tasked with critiquing all fifteen episodes total, I’d still throw five stars its way.

To the delight of all, it was revealed this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con that, yes, Doom Patrol is coming back for a second season. Following widespread fear that this show could’ve be cancelled in a fashion similar to Swamp Thing, it’s nice knowing we can all sleep a little easier going forward.

Something else worth noting is that brand new episodes will simultaneously debut on both DC Universe and HBO Max streaming services. This is especially exciting, as it allows for the show to reach a broader audience, which it most definitely deserves.

Though DC Universe is certainly no stranger to mature properties, HBO Max does indeed make for an appropriate second home. If you’re at all familiar with the live action Doom Patrol, then you know how they earn that “TV-MA” rating. Boy, has Brendan Fraser really made up for all the F-bombs he didn’t drop in The Mummy film franchise and Journey to the Center of the Earth.

When it comes to a premiere date for the second season, only a vague 2020 timetable has been given. Considering how Stargirl has been pushed to early next year though, I’d assume Doom Patrol will swiftly follow that. As usual, we’ll keep you posted as the situation unfolds.