There’s Double The Daredevil In This Leaked Season 3 Photo


UPDATE: This photo has been removed at the request of Netflix.

With Iron Fist season 2 still to come, Netflix is keeping a lid on anything regarding Daredevil season 3. That said, some details have begun to leak out. For instance, we know that Vincent D’Onofrio will be back as Wilson Fisk to enact his revenge on Matt Murdock, and it seems he’ll employ a deadly assassin to do his dirty work, as Wilson Bethel’s believed to be playing ol’ Hornhead’s other nemesis, Bullseye, who fans have been waiting to see in the MCU for years.

Not only that, but a leaked image from the new run might reveal an interesting plot point to boot. The confusing photo down below sees Daredevil confronted with… himself! In the foreground, we see one version dressed in the classic black season 1 outfit while the red DD’s in the background, apparently ransacking the offices of The New York Bulletin, the paper for which Karen Page works as a reporter.

So, what can we learn from this shot? Well, it seems someone – probably Bullseye himself – will need to get information from the Bulletin and in doing so frames Daredevil for the crime. It’s difficult to tell, but the chin in the foreground looks a lot like Charlie Cox, so we’re guessing the fake Hornhead’s the one in the red and the real Murdock’s gone back to his old suit to catch his impersonator in the act.

After all, set photos have previously revealed that season 3 will reintroduce the popular stripped-back “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen” suit. Despite a couple of redesigns, fans have never really taken to Netflix’s version of the red costume, so it’s good to see the show heading back to its roots instead. This is especially interesting as the season’s expected to be based on the “Born Again” comic book arc, which suggests Matt’s life is going back to the beginning.

Daredevil season 3’s been confirmed to arrive on the streaming service in 2018, and though an exact premiere date eludes us, you can look for it in the winter months, after Iron Fist drops on September 7th.