Hellboy Actor Doug Jones Joins Arrow As Deathbolt


Doug Jones

Super-powered individuals may run rampant on the streets of Central City each week on The Flash, but Arrow exists in a more realistic, “grounded” corner of the DC TV universe. That may soon change, however, as IGN has learned that Oliver Queen will soon go up against his very first metahuman.

Doug Jones – perhaps known best for playing Hellboy‘s right-hand man and fellow demon fighter Abe Sapien – has joined the series as DC Comics supervillain Deathbolt. The character is the alter ego of Jake Simmons, who was first introduced in 1983 and has the power to manipulate electricity. On Arrow, he’ll be a metahuman with the ability to harness and weaponize plasma energy.

Oliver has faced off with super serum-enhanced individuals like Deathstroke and Cyrus Gold (the man who becomes Solomon Grundy) in the past, and even engaged in some fisticuffs with Barry Allen earlier this season, but this will be his first villain with actual superpowers. Could Deathbolt’s arrival be a sign that Arrow is slowly ditching its strict rules regarding realism? Time will tell…

Arrow airs on Wednesday nights on the CW, and Doug Jones will make his debut as Deathbolt in the upcoming nineteenth episode of the third season, titled “Broken Arrow.”

Source: IGN

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