‘Downton Abbey’ creator says third movie is possible

The upcoming Downton Abbey: A New Era is the second movie in the franchise, and creator Julian Fellowes is open to the idea of the Crawley’s journey continuing in a third movie.

Originally reported by Radio Times magazine, Fellowes discussed the possibility of more stories with the Crawleys.

“You never know if more is going to be wanted. After every series, after the first film, and now after the second, each time I have said a heart-wrenching goodbye to these people… and then here we are back again.”

“People talk about stage plays and further movies, but I think it will be made clear to me if there’s a strong demand, and if that’s what people want, then I won’t fight it.”

The first Downton Abbey movie did amazingly well, making nearly $200 million dollars. It only made sense to do a sequel, but for a third movie to happen, it would depend on the demand of the fans. Based on how they’ve responded to the series from the beginning, it doesn’t look like the interest will fade any time soon.

Michelle Dockery, who plays the eldest sister, Mary Crawley, said that she loves coming back to the role and would consider returning if Fellowes and the show’s creators are involved. Said Crawley, “I’ve loved playing Mary and it does feel like I’ve grown up with her. There is such a comfort in that feeling of family.”

The original ITV series lasted five seasons and was set in the fictional Yorkshire country estate of Downton Abbey in the early twentieth century. It followed the lives of the Crawleys, aristocrats who struggled with romance and maintaining their way of living in the Post-Edwardian era, and the lives of their domestic servants whose stories were just as central to the plot as the Crawleys.

In the trailer for A New Era, the Crawleys travel to the South of France, where they learn the mystery of the dowager countess’ newly inherited villa. The main cast has returned, including, Dockery, Maggie Smith, and Elizabeth McGovern, in addition to new cast members including Dominic West.

Downton Abbey: A New Era will release in theaters on May 20.