Drax And Mantis Reportedly Getting Their Own Guardians Of The Galaxy Disney Plus Show

Drax MCU

Of all the Guardians of the Galaxy paraphernalia we could’ve asked for. Or wanted, for that matter. I am, of course (of course I am), talking about a new piece of intel we have regarding a potential Guardians spinoff.

According to sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us John Cena was playing Vin Diesel’s brother in Fast & Furious 9 and that Disney was doing a live-action remake of Bambi, both of which turned out to be correct – Drax and Mantis are getting their own Disney Plus TV show. Though originally planned as a spinoff movie, the project has now reportedly shifted into a series and will feature Drax searching for a daughter he believed to be dead, with Mantis tagging along for the ride (much in the way she does in the films).

It hasn’t officially entered development just yet, but you know, it’s on the table. In the works. Up for grabs. Anymore idioms to spin it on a postcard please. Drax and Mantis on Disney Plus, it’s happening.

I’ll get my bulletin for commentary in the comments out earlier than usual, because this seems like a good time to do so. If you like the sound of a Drax and Mantis TV show, leave a comment below, or suggest a Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff of your choice. A Rocket and Yondu prequel perhaps? That sounds much, much better than Drax and Mantis (sorry you two). Get word out to Disney before they make the latter a thing. I don’t particularly care for Guardians, but I’d be down for more Michael Rooker in space.

Of course, the only flaw with my decision to plug the comments section in paragraph three instead of four is that paragraph four now looks, well, like this. Pretty dead. Any news for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 to plug? No? Guardians of the Galaxy (in a general sense) is all we got. Drax and Mantis blowing into town like a tumbleweed.