Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Wants To Develop Jumanji TV Shows


Dwayne Johnson might be the highest-paid movie star on the planet and one of the industry’s few remaining box office draws in name value alone, but he’s hardly been a stranger to the small screen throughout his career. Of course, this dates back well over 20 years to his days as a professional wrestler, where fans would catch him at least once a week on WWE’s Raw or Smackdown.

He’s also guested on a huge number of shows and hosted a couple of reality competitions, while he played the lead role in and executive produced HBO’s Ballers, which proved hugely popular over its five-season run, and can currently be seen as the narrator of NBC’s Young Rock, which he also created. Clearly, the 48 year-old is happy to lend his talents to television, and insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that Johnson now wants to develop episodic adventures set in the Jumanji universe.

Of course, all we know about the future of the franchise is that another feature-length installment is definitely happening at some point, one that promises to bring the video game world of Jumanji crashing into the town of Brantford, New Hampshire. However, Richtman has reported previously that Johnson wants to emulate Robert Downey Jr.’s $75 million Avengers: Endgame payday for the next outing, with Ryan Reynolds also poised to join the ensemble and Karen Gillan getting her own spinoff, none of which has been confirmed as of yet.

Sony are the only one of the ‘Big Five’ studios that don’t have a streaming service, and as we’ve seen with Spider-Man, the company can be very reluctant when it comes to handing over the rights to their most marketable properties. As such, after earning close to $1.8 billion over the last two installments, they might not be too keen to let any of their rivals profit from Jumanji.