Ryan Reynolds Reportedly In Talks For Jumanji 3 Role

Ryan reynolds

Kevin Hart must be watching on jealously as Ryan Reynolds swoops in to steal his position as Dwayne Johnson’s BFF, with the two highest-paid stars in the industry having recently finished shooting Netflix’s action blockbuster Red Notice and engaged in some gentle trolling on social media for good measure.

All three of them are more than likely set to appear in the in-development Hobbs & Shaw sequel, but over the last few months, there’ve been constant rumors that Johnson and Reynolds are actively seeking another project to collaborate on, although they also happen to be two of the busiest men in Hollywood with a slew of outside business ventures to deal with, as well as their respective packed film slates.

Reynolds currently has a dozen movies either shooting, awaiting release or in active development, while Johnson has a third Jumanji, a second Hobbs & Shaw, Netflix comic book adaptation Ball & Chain, Disney’s family adventure Jungle Cruise and the DCEU’s Black Adam on his plate, among a few other things. But it seems as if they’ve found another chance to work together now, as insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that Reynolds is in talks for Jumanji 3, or Jumanji 4 depending on how you interpret the franchise’s canon, but it’ll reportedly only be a small cameo rather than a substantial role.

So far, the video game-inspired reinvention of the series has proven to be phenomenally popular, with Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level raking in a combined total of close to $1.8 billion at the box office. Clearly, then, Jumanji 3 doesn’t need any more star power to succeed, but with the next installment set to bring the action into the real world, the possibilities have certainly opened up even further for some additional A-listers to be added to the ensemble.