Dylan McDermott Will Star In Kevin Williamson’s CBS Stalker Drama


After completely creeping us out in American Horror Story and making a thoroughly unbelievable premise watchable in Hostages, Dylan McDermott has just booked another high-profile television gig, toplining Kevin Williamson‘s currently untitled CBS show about detectives who handle stalking incidents as part of the Threat Assessment Unit of the LAPD.

McDermott will play Detective Jack Larsen, a recent addition to the TAU fresh off the plane from New York. Described as a good detective whose quick thinking skills and healthy confidence have landed him in hot water before, Larsen has a dark past, one he’s hoping to leave behind.

Williamson will pen the script and executive produce the psychological thriller, said to be in the vein of his other hit detective drama, FOX’s The Following. Currently, the show is only now at the pilot stage, but Williamson and McDermott’s involvement makes it likely that CBS will order the show to series. Liz Friedlander, who has directed multiple episodes of The FollowingThe Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle (all shows in which Williamson has been involved), will helm the pilot.

McDermott is certainly leading man material, as his starring roles in American Horror Story: Murder House and ABC’s The Practice have shown, and his past history with CBS likely made him one of the network’s preferred choices. Though I’ll have to reserve all judgment until the pilot drops, the actor seems like a solid choice to lead a dark, gritty psychological thriller.

Of course, The Following was beset by some ridiculous writing, and seeing as Williamson will also be scribing for this series, we’ll just have to hope he will have learned his lesson from reading the scalding critical reviews that the first season of The Following drew.

Tell us, are you interested in seeing another show from Williamson? And if so, are you happy to see Dylan McDermott getting on board? Let us know below.