Every Earth Featured In Crisis On Infinite Earths Finale


It was inevitable that “Crisis On Infinite Earths” was going to end with the multiverse restored, since it would be kind of hard to have any shows without any planets on which to set them. Several of the restored worlds were featured in a closing montage backed by a voiceover from Oliver (as the Spectre?) echoing the Monitor’s narration of the multiverse’s creation that opened the crossover.

First is Earth-Prime on which all the main Arrowverse shows now take place, formed from the merging of Earth-1, Supergirl’s Earth-38, and Black Lightning’s Earth that went unidentified, but going by the numbering conventions of many of the others it was probably either Earth-77 (for when the character debuted) or more likely Earth-218 (after the show’s premiere).

Earth-2, meanwhile, gave us a brief preview of the upcoming Stargirl series, showing its Justice Society of America. As well as Courtney Whitmore’s eponymous teenage heroine, the team consists of Beth Chapel/Doctor Mid-Nite, Rick Tyler/Hourman, Yolonda Montez/Wildcat, and hulking behind them is the robotic power armor of Pat Dugan/S.T.R.I.P.E.

Earth-9, one of the worlds featured in “Crisis”’ opening montage of white light destruction, is the home of the Titans, a number of whom are shown in brief flashes doing their respective things.

Earth-12 was previously mentioned as the home of pretentious German nihilist Harrison Wolfgang Wells, one of the Council of Wells called on in season 4 of The Flash in an attempt to deduce the identity of DeVoe. Here, we see a green blur of energy emerge from the planet that can only be assumed to be Hal Jordan, since the destination turns out to be Oa and the base of the Green Lanterns, the setting for the upcoming Green Lantern series.

Earth-19 was also previously featured as the home of H.R Wells, Gypsy and Breacher, and is now shown to be the home of Swamp Thing, the horror series unfairly cancelled after a single episode because this world is cruel and merciless and constantly denies us good things.

Earth-21 is seen to be the home of the Doom Patrol, who are shown dancing around in the garden in front of their isolated home because they’re quirky like that, also clarifying that the team is a different Doom Patrol from the one featured in an episode of Titans that Beast Boy was once a member of.

Earth-96, the home of Kingdom Come Superman, shows its Man of Steel restored and flying around the planet in recreation of the end of the 1978 Superman movie, down to a smile at the camera and a fanfare blast of John Williams’ iconic theme. Also, the reversion to his classic costume rather than the black-augmented one suggests that the Joker’s Daily Planet massacre has been retconned from history and everyone he lost has been returned to him.

The multiverse will go on and will doubtless be utilized in future, but for now, we can be glad of how much of it “Crisis On Infinite Earths” made us privy to, and the variance of life it contains.