Elliot Casts Light On The Secret Powers At Play In Stylish First Teaser For Mr. Robot Season 2


Few would argue against Mr. Robot, USA Network’s slick and thought-provoking drama, going down as one of the breakout hits of the past 12 months. It took some fairly prestigious awards during its inaugural run – capped off with two major wins at the Golden Globes – and we now arrive on the verge of season 2.

Returning to oversee the next chapter in Elliot’s (Rami Malek) troubled life is series creator Sam Esmail, who outlined our protagonist’s state of mind after the revelations of the season 1 finale.


Tortured, confused and largely alone, season 2 looks set to put Elliot through the wringer once more, as he struggles to wrangle his crippling anxiety under control. Speaking previously with Entertainment Weekly, Esmail shared some fascinating details about Elliot’s fractured self.

No spoilers here, of course, given USA Network likely has the season 2 story arc stowed away beneath nine kinds of impenetrable firewalls.

“Now that Elliot is aware [of the truth about Mr. Robot], that has opened the door. We’re literally externalizing Elliot’s mentality and his inner conflict, Mr. Robot being the other half of Elliot,” executive producer Sam Esmail told EW. “In the first season, because Elliot wasn’t aware, there was a mystery about who Mr. Robot was and what his real motivations were. Now we know, so what does that mean? What does Elliot really want?”

Also back on board for Mr. Robot season 2 is Christian Slater, flanked by a host of newcomers that include Joey Bada$$, Chris Conroy, Grace Gummer and Craig Robinson.

Introducing viewers to a “very different” batch of episodes, Mr. Robot season 2 is expected to land in the summer. Until then, you can share your own thoughts regarding today’s tantalizing first teaser – and all the corruption therein – below.

Source: EW