Elseworlds Producer Confirms Nod To Smallville’s Green Arrow


Of the many things that have had fans going bonkers for the “Elseworlds” crossover, one of the first treats for DC fans arrived in the form of two nods to Smallville. Long story short, the same exterior location used for the Kent farm on the beloved Superman prequel series made its return on Sunday night during an episode of The Flash – and Remy Zero’s main title theme accompanied it, much to my delight.

Well, apparently there’s more to come on that front, and it may very well pertain to that show’s version of Green Arrow. If you’ll remember, eagle-eyed viewers were able to spot a fallen Emerald Archer sporting Justin Hartley’s threads during the prologue scene taking place on Earth-90.

Confirming the return of the classic costume was that of executive producer Marc Guggenheim, who posted a cryptic picture of it over on Twitter. Furthermore, he had this to say about tonight’s conclusion:

“Thanks to all of you who watched Elseworlds Hours 1 and 2. Your response has made all our efforts worthwhile.

Thanks to the literally hundreds of cast and crew who sweat blood annually to bring these crossovers to life.

Surprises still up our sleeve. Watch til the last line.”

Right now, we have no idea whether that “last line” has something to do with Smallville‘s Green Arrow, but it’s sure to be a doozy. If not, let’s continue holding out hope for an Arrowverse-Smallville crossover of some sort sometime in the future. After all, these mashups need to get successively crazier each year, right?

Though it’s not of the crossover variety, a box that I hope Arrow is one day able to check off would be Justin Hartley hopping aboard for at least one episode as a guest hero or villain. It’s not uncommon for actors who’ve had past involvement with DC movies and TV shows to return as other characters, so fingers remained crossed for that.

Elseworlds” concludes tonight on Supergirl on The CW.